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Category management

How is the battle won on the shelves in a pharmacy and other channels?

We are the key strategic partner at the point of sale. We provide comprehensive solutions for the management and implementation of categories, thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience at the point of sale, comprehensive information on the point of sale and portfolio of complementary solutions.
We help our customers to successfully implement the management of categories and universes in the pharmacy, through differential value propositions.

Implementation at the point of sale

We start with an in-depth analysis of the category, the Category Review, a document based on all the sources available in the customer (market, point of sale, shopper, consumer, etc.), to propose a winning value proposition for our customer’s category and brand.

If necessary we cover the information gaps: knowledge of the pharmacy, consumer and shopper (shopper research: point of sale audit, syndicated research, mystery shopper, etc.).

We assess all the communication elements at the point of sale and select the most efficient ones maximising the investment.

We also perform tests with customers: implementations of categories, new concepts, design of the space at the point of sale, etc. and we train the sales force and staff at the point of sale, for example, in pharmacies.

Advice and support

Improve the value proposition of your category at the point of sale