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Shopper Marketing


IN STORE EFFICIENCY: We know the best practices at the point of sale. We assess all of the key communication elements at the point of sale (packaging, signage, promotions, windows, etc.).

We achieve all of this through different methodologies that use the most advanced technology and our shopper marketing knowledge.

We help our customers to develop effective communication at the point of sale.

Shopper Research

We combine a wide variety of tools and methodologies with the latest technology for our evaluations and implementations.

Eye tracking

We are experts in eye tracking technology with more than 2,500 material stimuli at the point of sale. The eyetracking experience allows us to measure the first stages of visual perception (using infrared rays) of consumers or purchasers, while they observe images or videos shown of different life-size stimuli, or certain tasks or exercises are performed.

Accompanied shopping

Our professionals accompany the shopper during their shopping and analyse all the variables that affect them while shopping.

Post-shopping interviews

Unlike most companies in the sector, we do not conduct telephone interviews. We go to the point of sale and interview the shopper as soon as they have finished shopping.


We analyse the usability of the web for users (structure, access, distribution of content, etc.)

Shopper and PoS audit

We visit the point of sale and analyse the presence and impact of a brand using different methodologies:

  • Mystery Shopping for Brand Recommendation Tracking

  • Point of sale audit to assess presence and exposure KPIs at the point of sale

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We provide insights and solutions to improve the shopping process